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KAMU launtry Fresh
KAMU launtry Fresh
KAMU launtry Fresh and unscented
KAMU launtry Fresh and unscented

30-90°C, white and colored textiles and technical materials.

With KAMU -laundry detergent you can wash pet mats, blankets, duvets, and throws in a natural way. It is also suitable for regular laundry. eucalyptus and citron gives lovely fresh scent. Washing power is based on natural olive and coconut surfactants. 

KAMU - Laundry detergent

-pet beds, mats, coats and texstiles 
-towels and furniture covers
-regular laundry 
-safe and gentle, no excessive chemical residue
-no zeolite or phosphate,  
-fresh scent
-long lasting

KAMU is made in Finland ans it is 100% biodegradable. Safe for the user and the environment. 

Dosage:  Soft and middle hard water: hand wash 0,3 dl detergent 10 litre water, machine wash 0,5 dl detergent for 5-6 kg of laundry. Lasting 10 about machine washes. 

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