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KAMU laundry detergent, Unscented
KAMU laundry detergent, Unscented
KAMU launtry Fresh and unscented
KAMU launtry Fresh and unscented

KAMU laundry detergent, Unscented
30-90°C, white and colored textiles and technical materials.
With the KAMU -Laundry Detergent you can wash pet´s sleeping places, mats and lounging blankets in a natural way. Excellent for active and e.g. tracking enthusiasts. Your team works without your performance being hampered by strange odours. Suitable for all laundry and can be used as a regular laundry detergent. Spruce extract neutralises odours efficiently. The result is clean and unscented textile. Washing power is based on natural olive and coconut surfactants.   

KAMU - Laundry Detergent
-beds, mats, coats and texstiles  
-excellent for car seat covers
-also suitable for regular laundry 
-safe and gentle, no extra chemical residues 
-extremely long-lasting

KAMU is Finnish-made and 100% biodegradable. Safe for the user and the environment. 

Dosage:  Machine-wash 0.5dl for a machineful on laundry (5-6 kg). Hand-wash 0.3dl / 10l water.
INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Olivamphoacetate Sodium Benzoate, Alkohol, Sea Salt, Picea Abies Extract.
Bottle size 500 ml
Refill package available

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