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SALON harness violet
SALON harness violet
Salon harness violet photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
Salon harness violet photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
Salon harness violet
Salon harness violet
Measuring Y harness
Measuring Y harness

Popular FinNero non-pull Salon harness!

Salon harness is a non-pull harness with the non-pull effect based on a ring on the chest padding. When used as an ordinary harness, the leash can be attached to the ring on the neck and when used to stop the pulling the leash can be attached on the chest. Salon harness also has the reflective stripes which make your dog visible in the dark. 

The harness is easily adjusted to fit the dog and it's also very handy to train puppies for not pulling. The harness is the right size when your fingers fit tightly between the ribbon and the dog.

When choosing the right size:   

- please measure the circumference of the dog's head (from the widest part of the head). Please take into account the ears as well!
- the neckline of the harness can be adjusted
- the harness is to big, if it drops down too much from the shoulders 
- the ribbon on the waist can be adjusted

Colors: black, green apple and violet
Sizes: XS - L

From the measurement table below you can see the sizes and referential breed recommendations

SizeWaistlineNecklineBreed recommendation (referential)
XS37-60 cm27-43 cmChihuahua, Bichon frisé
S47-86 cm33-62 cmBeagle, Finnish Hound
M56-98 cm44-78 cmCollie, Saluki, Golden Retriever
L71-129 cm52-98 cmRottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog

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