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SOFFI collar black
SOFFI collar black
Soffi leather collars (martingale)
Soffi leather collars (martingale)
Martingale collars
Martingale collars

Luxurious SOFFI martingale collar is quick and easy to put on a dog. Little metallic decorations on the collar bring luxury to the every day life.

The inside of the collar is soft leather and therefore it's very gentle to the dogs fur. The collars leather is at the widest 3,5 cm / all sizes.

(head circumference)
Leather proportion 
Breed recommendation 
30 cm (11.8 in)20 cm (7.9 in)Chihuahua, Papillon
35 cm (13.8 in)
23 cm (9.1 in)
Miniature Poodle
40 cm (15.7 in)
28 cm (11 in)Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
45 cm (17.7 in)
30 cm (11.8 in)
Peruvian Hairless Dog
50 cm (19.7 in)
37 cm (14.6 in)
Dachshund, Welsh Corgi
55 cm (21.7 in)
42 cm (16.5 in)Collie, Irish Setter

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