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RONDO collar blue-grey
RONDO collar blue-grey
Martingale collars
Martingale collars

RONDO-collar is a round rolled leather collar with a triangle metal chain. The RONDO-martingale collar is super smooth, elegant and comfortable, and quick to put on.

The size of the collar is determined by the perimeter of the dogs head (please notice the dogs ears as well).

(head circumference)
Leather proportion 
Breed recommendation
30 cm 23 cm
Chihuahua, Papillon
35 cm 29 cm Pomerian, Miniature Poodle
40 cm 33 cm Parson Russel Terrier
45 cm 35 cm Whippet, Australian Kelpie
50 cm 42,5 cm Golden Retriever, Collie
55 cm 45 cm Labrador Retriever

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