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SNOW SPORT T harness rasberry
SNOW SPORT T harness rasberry
Measuring to T-harness
Measuring to T-harness
SNOW designed Tuula Pekkala
SNOW designed Tuula Pekkala

Sporty T-harness with ergonomic shape and incredibly soft neoprene padding makes it very comfortable for a dog to wear. The soft padding protects the dog's fur and skin.  Our T-harness has a practical handle on top of it. This is handy when the dog needs to be held close to the owner.Reflective stripes on the T-harness makes the dog more visible in darkness.

When choosing the right size harness the dog’s head circumference is the most important measurement. When measuring your dog, please also take into a consideration the dog's ears. Harness is adjustable on the girth for perfect fit.

SizeWidth of the
chest cm/inches
Breed recommendation
0028 cm
(11 in)
25-40 cm
(10-16 in)
Chihuahua, Papillon
032 cm
(12 in)
30-50 cm
(12-20 in)
Italian Greyhound
133 cm
(13 in)
35-55 cm
(14-22 in)
Daschund, Löwchen
1,536 cm
(14 in)
40-60 cm
(16-24 in)
Zwergschnauzer, Poodle
241 cm
(16 in)
45-80 cm
(18-31.5 in)
Beagle, Drever, Corgi
342 cm
(17 in)
50-85 cm
(20-33.5 in)
Border Collie, Finnish Lapphund
445 cm
(18 in)
55-90 cm
(22-35.5 in)
Dobermann, Belgian Shepherd
550 cm
(20 in)
60-95 cm
(24-37.5 in)
Bouvier, German Shepherd
656 cm
(22 in)
65-105 cm
(25.5-41 in)
Akita, Bernese Mountain Dog

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