FinNero Oy Ltd

FinNero Oy Ltd continues to produce selected Designhouse Topcanis Oy products under Topcanis label even though the company itself has closed its doors. The most popular Topcanis products are being updated to today's trends. 

RATIA products have been so far produced under Topcanis label but the new RATIA production will be done by FinNero.  Have a look at the RATIA collection's new models, new colours and new materials. Famous RATIA Grafico Dog International pattern has got new life from Neoprene and Mesh materials.

Nordic Lights Mesh and Nordic Lights Soft product lines have been designed by Tuula Pekkala under Topcanis label. The inspiration behind this were the Finnish Lapland and of course the exciting and colourful northern lights. 

Both RATIA and Nordic Lights products are popular in Finland but incredibly popular in Japan and Taiwan. The light and breathable Mesh material suits to spring and summer collections and the Soft fleece material is better for colder autumn and winter collecion. These product lines include soft collars, different kind of harnesses and leashes. 

Other products: - Topcanis Salon harness  and Halla booties have been now updated and produced by FinNero. Also other kinds of booties are on their way.. 

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