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Our resellers

Our resellers

Resellers in Finland
FinNero products are sold in many pet shops around Finland. You find our resellers in Finland here.

Resellers Abroad:

China - Amazon.cn
France - Amazon.fr
Germany Aktiv mit 4 Pfoten
- Amazon.de
- Dogs24
- Dog Style Hundesalon
Little Finland
- Spirit of North

Italy - Amazon.it
Japan and Taiwan- Amenity Conducts co Ltd
- Amazon.co.jp
Poland - Monika Trudnos M&T
SpainRowiwan Dog Products 
- Amazon.es
South-Korea- Spachus
- Perfect Dog Sweden Ab
SEA Hund & Katt
United KingdomAu'roar'a, Solihull
Amazon UK
- Arctic Paws
Mutt Cutz, Sheffield
Arctic Wolf Ltd
UK (distributor)
Canine & co
- K9 Trail Time
Love My Human
Posh Petz

If you have your own online store, brick and mortar store, or are a distributor we encourage you to contact us as we are constantly adding to our wholesale and retail partners around the world. We hope you'll join our FinNero family and help us to make more pets and their parents happy. 

Ci puo contattare anche in Italiano.

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