Leash or Lead..?
We put a lot of emphasis on the bright colours, softness and reflectiveness on our leashes. Please find here more precise explanation of our different types of leashes we have in our selection. 
Elegance is a part of FINNERO. Look for a compatible collar or harness for the leash.

City leash 120 - 150 cm  (47" - 59")
Our city leashes are shorter and more suitable for walking the dog in the busy, narrow roads or crowded places. With shorter leash the dog is closer to you and easier to handle. 

Basic leash 150 - 180 cm (59" - 70.8")
The most common length for a leash used in Nordic countries. Basic leash is perfect for walking the dog at more specious places or streets.

Adjustable leash 120 - 200 cm (43" - 73")
FINNERO's adjustable leash can be adjusted at shortest of 120 cm (47 ") and at longest up to 200 cm (78.7 ") and it's perfect for walking the dog in the city as well as in the country side.

Mulltifunction leash 350 cm (137")
The longer leashes are meant for dog training, country side walks or they have as name suggests multi-function possibilities.

Adjustable Double leash 120 cm - 200 cm (43" - 73")
Double leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time. The durable alloy ring ensures the leash won't get tangled. Both leash are independently adjustable making it especially useful when walking two different size dogs.

For puppies, we recommend to use any of the leashes mentioned above rather than retractable leashes.

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