FINNERO’s brand renewal reflects its growth strategy

FINNERO’s brand renewal started with the need to update the company’s brand image to reflect its growth strategy and internationality. The company’s slogan: “Lifestyle with pets” is at the heart of the brand’s operations.

FINNERO founder Tarja Keen

Our vision is to be a bold and international pet supply manufacturer that invests in design and quality. This is visible in our daily activities and operations to respond quickly and efficiently to market demand. In addition to visual identity, the brand renewal includes a promise to make the everyday life of pet families safe, easier and more colorful.

“The change was made from within the company. There have been significant changes in our operating methods and processes and we have taken big steps in quality development. New team members and owners have also brought in new kinds of knowledge capital and complemented our long-term expertise” tells FINNERO founder Tarja Keen.

However, not everything has changed as FINNERO’s familiar strong brand color scheme will remain the same. The red effect color brings boldness and an edge to the black-and-white logo.

“Value comes from our expertise and experience enabling us to provide high-quality services and products to our customers, retailers, pets and their owners.” Tarja Keen sees the thorough brand renewal as a strong signpost for the future for both the company’s personnel and its partners.

“Most importantly for us is that we can stand proudly behind the brand. The continuing exceptional situation has been an effective catalyst for change for all of us. At FINNERO, we are excited about the future” Tarja Keen says.

The brand renewal is a journey that will progress in stages. The new logo, image and color scheme is already visible on our website. During 2022, the renewed look will also be seen in product point of sale material and packaging.

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