FINNERO’s pet accessories are included in Walmart chain’s range in the USA

During the past months FINNERO has celebrated numerous landmarks in its international expansion. The latest achievement is becoming part of the range of the world’s largest retailer, Walmart. The company reinforces Finnish design’s position in the world, bringing fun and timeless design to every home.

FINNERO founder Tarja Keen

FINNERO’s pet accessories are now in Walmart retail chain’s range in the USA. Walmart is the world’s largest retail sales company, making this an especially significant achievement, not only for FINNERO, but also for Finnish entrepreneurship. “It has demanded a lot of tenacity that a micro company like us has been accepted in Walmart’s range,” tells FINNERO’s founder Tarja Keen.

Keen, who is responsible for FINNERO’s foreign trade, is satisfied. “Lots of long-term work has been done to advance internationalization. That we were able to present ourselves to Walmart’s internal buyers has been a process in itself. After that, the real work really began, the USA market is very different for example its regulations, taxation and logistics.”

FINNERO’s products were launched on Walmart’s Market Place internet pages and the product range will be gradually increased. An American subsidiary has been opened as well as its own storage. Growth in the USA is also being sped up with product sales on and PetSmart’s net stores.

FINNERO is becoming more international at a fantastic pace. The number of Swedish distributors has doubled in a short space of time. European growth has gathered speed with a new Austrian wholesaler and new Korean distributor connections have been opened.

Besides the USA, FINNERO products are currently on sale in 15 other countries. The company’s business concept emphasizes high-quality and practical pet products in addition to unique Finnish design.
Walmart, officially Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is a USA retail chain. Wal-Mart has the largest turnover of any retailer in the world and it is also the USA’s largest private employer.

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