FINNERO in Kevin Harrington´s Shark Discoveries-project

Finnish success story! The door to larger American markets opened further to pet supplies manufacturer Finnero when investor Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank became interested in ballerina pants for dogs.

Finnero, a company run by three women, designs, and sells pet supplies. Last year the company’s turnover doubled from the previous year. The growth was fed by people’s growing interest in pets and their supplies, such as clothing, boots and leads. For years Finnero’s hit product has been ballerina pants for dogs in heat, which protect the home and surroundings from stains.

Finnero’s products were also found by American Kevin Harrington, who was one of the original investors in US TV show Shark Tank. Harrington’s Shark Discoveries concept is to search for potential growth companies from across the globe, and their dedicated team was looking for a small pet supplies manufacturer with sales channels already open in the USA.

Last March, Finnero’s founder, Tarja Keen, received a call from Harrington’s production team, and they wanted to make an advertisement video about Finnero. Keen answered yes and now commercial video, produced by Brand Response TV, is appearing on selected American TV channels, Twitter, and On-Demand Streaming Services in November/December period. The selected US TV channels are Animal Planet, Oxygen, Magnolia and WEtv.

In the video Kevin Harrington praises Finnero products as the best of the best for comfortable and unique pet products. The advert tests market interest and the results are analyzed carefully. There is also a possibility to be invited to present Finnero at the America’s leading product innovation event, Innovators Think Tank, in Florida.

Harrington’s team’s contact came as a total surprise to Tarja Keen. “We have done a lot of work towards international marketing and this fabulously great opportunity opened up. Now the door to America is open even wider. To attract bigger buyers in the US, all marketing efforts have a great importance. “

“We wouldn’t have resources to undertake this kind of marketing on our own. At best, as a result of this, our sales will multiply.” Keen envisions smiling.

Finnero sells pet supplies in over 20 countries through wholesalers, distributors, and online stores. In the USA the products are sold in Amazon’s, Chewy’s and the USA’s largest grocers Walmart’s online stores.

Further information: Finnero’s founder, Tarja Keen, tel. + 358 40 514 5282

FINNERO is a company from Seinäjoki, Finland, designing and manufacturing pet supplies. Products are sold in pet shops and online stores worldwide. Exports are mostly directed to Europe, Asia, and the USA. In 2021 Finnero’s turnover was approximately €800,000. The company’s most well-known products are Ballerina Heat Pants and HALLA winter booties for dogs.

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