FinNero Oy Ltd

Was released on 13.6.2017

How FinNero got it's name?

Our office dog Fiona works as a sample tester and a model!

I have been the princess of Tuula's family for six years now. I have a very important job at FinNero as a model, sample tester and as a representative for FinNero. Nothing makes me happies than watching myself from the mirror, especially just when I have had my trim.

I love my frisbee and scratches - I know how to beg people to scratch me with my cutest expressions. I absolutely hate mud and always jump over the muddy paddles, of course, as I am the princess Fiona.

Did you know, that the name FinNero is my nickname?
When the FinNero ladies were thinking of company names, they wanted the name to show that they are a finnish company. FIN - for Finland and Nero - which means genius and inventive in finnish. That's how my nickname became the name for the company as well.

You can send fan mail to me to
P.S. Representatives of model agencies, please contact me!
P.P.S. Handsome male dogs, please know that I am single :)

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