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RATIA Soft leash red
RATIA Soft leash red
RATIA leashes
RATIA leashes

RATIA-leash is colorful and it has a soft handgrip. Light RATIA-leash has a stylish Grafico - ribbon.

RATIA-leashes matches well with other RATIA-products; collars, harnesses and also with new products coming soon.

This red leash has a red Grafico-pattern.

Lenghts of the different leashes:

  • 2,0 cm * 180 cm (Finland)
  • 1,5 cm * 120 cm (Japan, available from order)
  • 2,0 cm * 120 cm (Japan)

Wash: in 30 C water

RISTOMATTI RATIA has designed Grafico Dog International-pattern and they are available in colors blue and red. To this pattern, TopCanis has combined really soft fleece-padding. TopCanis has made the softest harnesses in world, collars and leashes. 

RATIA-products have gained lot of popularity in Finland and in Japan. 

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