RATIA Soft collar purple

RATIA Soft collar purple

RATIA Soft collar purple

  • RATIA Soft collar purple
  • Pipa and RATIA Soft collar violet photo: @muttleyandpipa / Essi Kunnaspuro
  • RATIA soft collar violet photo: Saara Kaario
  • Alma wear RATIA soft collar violet photo: Saara Kaario
  • Ratia soft collar with violet soft padding  photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • Mutka wears Ratia soft collar size 3 photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • Mutka wears Ratia soft collar size 3 photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • RATIA collar purple
  • RATIA collars photo:mofufun710611
  • Martingale collars

RATIA soft collar is a Martingale collar. A stylish collar detailed with Grafico pattern and an extra smooth padding. Not only is it comfortable to wear and gentle on the dog’s fur, the extra padding protects the dog’s neck. The safe and secure collar RATIA is easy to put on and take off and adds security with it’s reflective stripes.

Padding is extra SOFT-material:

  • Gentle on the dog’s neck and fur
  • No rubbing on the skin
  • No knoting or breaking of the fur
  • Wide cushion that protect the neck
  • No lint

Martingale collar:

  • Suitable for daily use
  • Recommended use for adult dog’s
  • Super easy to put on and take off
  • Dog friendly

Measure to find the right size:

  • Measure the widest dimension of the dog’s head (note the dogs ears)
  • Measure the narrowest part of the dogs neck (from behind the ears)
  • When the collar is adjusted to the minimum size it is pulled firmly around the dog’s neck
  • When the collar is adjusted to it’s largest size it should be able to slip over the dogs head and nose easily. (Do you like to put on a teeshirt with a tight opening?)

If needed please check out our more detailed measuring instructions here

RATIA soft collar can be combined with the following: leashes and harnesses

Wash: Water temperature of 30 degrees celcius

Finnish design
a Finnish designer, has designed this Grafico Dog International pattern, available in red and blue colors. This stylish pattern combines the super soft fleece padded collar, different shape of the harnesses and don’t forget the stylish leash to go along.

The celebrity Marutaro
The famous turqoise RATIA-collar is used by the famous Japanese shiba inu Maru, who is followed by over 2,5 million Instagram users. His sunny face is a familiar sight on Japanese Tv shows, commercials, and magazines. Read Marutaron story in Instagram (@marutaro)

Where can you buy this collar? Check out our resellers here

From below you can check out our collar size chart and dog breed recommendations for use of this collar.

Size cm (in)
(head circumference)
Breed recommendation 
0 25-32 cm (9.8-12.5 in) Toy Poodle, Italian Greyhound
1 30-37 cm (12-14.5 in) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
2 35-42 cm (14-16.5 in) Jack Russel Terrier, Beagle
2,5 40-47 cm (16-18.5 in) Daschund, Welsh Corgi
3 40-50 cm (16-20 in) Collie, Irish Setter
4 40-55 cm (18-22 in) Doberman, Golden Retriever
5 50-60 cm (20-24 in) Boxer, German Shepherd
6 55-65 cm (22-25.5 in) Newfoundland

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