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Girth of the neck (2)
Girth of the neck (2)

With this measurement guide you can make sure that the collar is in the right size for your dog. 

Measuring guide for adjustable collars.

How to measure?

  • Measure girth of your dogs neck at the point where collar fits naturally.
  • Measure tightly around chest (tip: keep finger between measurement tape and dog)

Buckle collars

  • In buckle collars you can adjust it to fit you dogs neck. Choose collar size that is close to you dogs neck size.
  • Take into account that you choose the right width of the collar in compared to your dogs size.

Opening collar (leather collar for example)

  • Choose the size of the collar by putting measuring tape in the halfway of the collars adjust holes. That way you have a possibility to either tighten or loosen the collar for your dog.
  • Make sure you choose the right width in compared to your dog size.

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