RATIA MESH vest harness red

RATIA vest harness red and size S photo: Miikku Pietilä

RATIA vest harness red and size S photo: Miikku Pietilä

  • RATIA vest harness red and size S photo: Miikku Pietilä
  • RATIA vest harness red photo: 1stDogCafe
  • RATIA vest harness red photo: 1stdogcafe
  • RATIA vest harness red
  • RATIA vest harness red
  • RATIA vest harnesses photo: Miikku Pietilä
  • RATIA vest harnesses

RATIA MESH vest harness is extremely easy to put on and take off with one quick U-lockYour dog can practically "jump in and out" of it.

Vest harness is more safer choice to a puppy that is learning to keep harnesses, because the harness comfors the puppy's body from quick tugs.

Good qualities in this harness:
- The harness has a reflector striping so others can see you outing in the dark
- Quick fastening; only one U-lock and Velcro tape fastening
- The leash is attached to the harness to both rings located in the back of the harness
- There are no rubbing ribbons in the harness, the harness has a soft piping 
- The pressure of the harness will set evenly around the small dog
- Safer than a collar for a puppy or for a small dog
- Harness has room for adjustment for a growing puppy
- Also suitable for cats and rabbits

Materials used and maintaining the harness:
The harness is made of Mesh-material, that is light, flexible and the dog can easily move in it. The binding of the harness is made of soft knitted fabric, that will not rub the dog's sensitive skin. Mesh will not shrink or fade when washing, but it dries easily and it repels water. The harness can be washed in 30 C water.

When choosing the right size:
- From the dimension table below you see the sizes of the harnesses and referential breed recommendations.

Please remember, that a fitting harness is the safest choice, especially with a growing puppy.


cm/ in
kg / (lbs)
Breed recommendation
teacup 24-28 cm
9.5-11 in
1,5-2 kg  
3,3-4,4 lbs
Small puppies, tiny dogs
XXS 28-35 cm
11-13.8 in
1,9-3 kg
4,2-6,6 lbs
Chihuahua, Small Brussels Griffon, puppies
XS 33-42 cm
13-16.5 in
6,6-9,9 lbs
Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Papillon, toy breeds
S 40-50 cm
15.8-19.7 in
8,8-14,3 lbs
Poodle, Fox Terrier, Bichon Frisé, Dachshund
M 48-56 cm
18.9-22 in
13,4-28,6 lbs
Pug, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Beagle
L 56-64 cm
22-25 in
27,5-44,1 lbs
Portugese Water  Dog, Cockerspaniel, French bulldog
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