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ATTE attention vest
ATTE attention vest
ATTE attention vest yellow
ATTE attention vest yellow
FOREST and ATTE attention vests
FOREST and ATTE attention vests
ATTE attention vest pink and yellow
ATTE attention vest pink and yellow

ATTE Attention Vest makes your dog visible in the dark.

ATTE Attention vest 

* made of light and breathable mesh material 

* velcro fastening on the chest and around the waist makes it easy to put on or take off 

* velcro fastening gives plenty of adjustment range

* reflective tape all around makes the vest visible


Wash: 30 degrees, 100% polyester

Note:  The velcro fastening has been chosen for your dog's safety. If the dog's vest gets caught on something, the velcro gives in and lets the dog lose. Please also note that the velcro needs to be cleaned from the dog's hair from time to time to keep it working properly.

SizeAround the neckAround the chestBreed recommendation  
XS30-38 cm
(11-15 in)
38-45 cm
(15-17.7 in)
Miniature Dachshund,
Minuature poodle
S35-45 cm  
(14-18 in)
45-55 cm  
(18-22 in)
Shetland Sheepdog,  
Miniature Snautser
M43-53 cm  
(17-20.8 in)
51-62 cm  
(20-24.4 in)
Pinscher, Schnauzer,  
Finnish Spitz
L50-60 cm  
(20-24 in)
62-72 cm  
(20-28.3 in)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever,  
Karelian Bear Dog
XL60-70 cm  
(24-27.6 in)
68-78 cm  
(26.7-30.7 in)
Golden retriever, Collie
XXL67-77 cm  
(26.3-30.3 in)
76-86 cm  
(30-33.8 in)
German Shepherd,  
Bernese Mountain Dog
XXXL70-80 cm  
(27.6-31.5 in)
85-95 cm  

(33.4-37.4 in)
Leonberger, Landseer

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