HALLA booties pink 4pcs/package

HALLA booties pink

HALLA booties pink

  • HALLA booties pink
  • HALLA fleece booties for dogs photo: @novajastella/Maija Määttä
  • Halla fleece booties for dogs photo: @novajastella/Maija Määttä
  • pink HALLA booties size S : Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • The first snow and Alma. photo: sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki
  • Alma and Halla booties size S photo: @sheltie_alma
  • Aino and Muffi wears pink HALLA winter booties photo: Bernette Schweizer
  • Muffi wears pink HALLA booties size S photo: Bernette Schweizer
  • Alma loves pink. She wears harness size 35 cm and coat size 40 cmphoto: sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki
  • Diva wear SPORT softshell jacket size 40 cm photo: Tiina Korhonen/_divathedog_
  • HALLA booties
  • Pink HALLA winter booties size XXS
  • HALLA winter booties size XXS and pink
  • Tiny chihuahua and Halla booties smallest size XXS photo: Nina Naapila
  • HALLA booties size XXS and pink photo: Tiina Korhonen
  • HALLA booties pink and size XXS photo: Tiinamari Harjula
  • If you fold an elastic velcro, it is easier to put your booties on your dog
  • HALLA booties size XXS orange, grey and pink
  • HALLA booties in the package
  • HALLA winter booties for dog
  • Measuring paws
  • How to measure paws
  • HALLA-booties size chart
  • HALLA booties pink

Super popular HALLA booties are now even better than before! A new improved material is soft and high-quality fleece. The opening in the front of the booties makes them easier to put on. There is also a velcro straps in top part of the booties to make the fastening easy. Bottom is flexible, water resistant, cold proof and non-slip material. 

This product is designed to protect your dog’s paws from cold temperatures and snow. The booties should be worn in snow and on soft surfaces. Avoid asphalt and other hard surfaces to prevent breakage. Ensure that the bootie is securely fastened and use only when your pet is supervised. Prolonged use could interfere with your dog’s natural cooling system. This product is not water resistant.

  • prevents snow getting lumpy into the fur and between pads 
  • protects pads from cold and irritating road salt 
  • keeps paws warm and clean
  • available colors are grey, pink and orange

Tip: When testing the booties for the first time, dogs might lift their feet or jump around funnily. Please don´t laugh at your dog as that might cause them to be embarrassed the next time you put the booties on.

Please be aware that long and sharp nails might rip the seams or break the material.

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Here you can find our measurement guide!

Measuring paws

bottom width

bottom length

bootie circuit

bootie lenght

XXS= 3 cm
4 cm
7 cm
9 cm

XS=3,5 cm

6,5 cm

10,5 cm

11,5 cm

 S=4 cm

8 cm

12,5 cm

14 cm

 M=5 cm

9 cm

14 cm

17 cm

 L=6 cm

12 cm

20 cm

22 cm

XL = 9 cm
      (3,5 ")
14 cm
28 cm
28 cm
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