SOOTHING shampoo

SOOTHING shampoo photo: sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki

SOOTHING shampoo photo: sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki

  • SOOTHING shampoo photo: sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki
  • SOOTHING shampoo
  • Shampoo SOOTHING and PEARL conditioner
  • KAMU kaikkien lemmikkien shampoo HOIVA 500 ml
  • Natural KAMU shampoo
  • Natural KAMU shampoos for all types

Shooting shampoo good for a dry and itchy skin. Etheric lemon, lemongrass and honey soothe itchy skin. Wash the fur preserving the roughness of the coat and bringing out its natural shine. Washing power is based on natural olive and coconut binders. Washes with a suitable amount of foam.

Shooting shampoo is suitable for: 
- long and short fur
- rough and smooth fur
- lemon and lemongrass are effective odour removers
- honey is soothing on the skin
- also for other pets such as cats, guinea pigs and horses

KAMU shampoos are Finnish-made and 100% biodegradable. Safe for the user and the environment. 

Instructions: Wet the fur with warm water. Rub the shampoo evenly into to the fur. Rinse well. 
Dilution: 1:1-4
Ingredients: anionic surfactants 5-15%, sodium benzoate, mel, cymbo-gon exuosus oil, citrus limonum oil. 
pH 6.5
Bottle size: 350 ml 
Refill size: 700 ml

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