UNSCENTED cleaning spray

KAMU cleanig spray unscented

KAMU cleanig spray unscented

  • KAMU cleanig spray unscented
  • Unscented KAMU cleaning spray
  • KAMU Cleaning spray Fresh and Unscented
  • With KAMU - Cleaning spray Fresh you can conveniently wipe all your home´s surfaces, safely for your pet
  • Natural KAMU Cleaning spray unscented

With Cleaning spray - UNSCENTED you can conveniently wipe all your home´s surfaces, safely for your pet. Floors, feeding bowl surroundings, cat litter boxes, rodent cages, toys and equipment can be cleaned by spraying and wiping, and it´s safe for your pet to lick or sleep in the cleaned area. Does not need rinsing. Spruce extract neutralises odours efficiently. Cleaning power is based on natural olive and coconut surfactants.

Cleaning Spray - UNSCENTED

- for all your home´s surfaces  
- rodent cages, cat litter boxes
- toys, equipment
- tarnished and grease spots in walls 
- quick fix for markings quickly and efficiently
- spray and wipe; no rinsing needed

KAMU iproducts are Finnish-made and 100% biodegradable. Safe for the user and the environment. 

Instructions: Ready right away! Just spray and wipe; no rinsing needed. 
Ingredients: anionic surfactants 5-15%, sodium benzoate, picea abies axtract. pH 6

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