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Measuring to T-harness
Measuring to T-harness
Girth of head (1)
Girth of head (1)
Girth of the neck (2)
Girth of the neck (2)

Measurement guide to T-harnesses. For the safety of the dog, always try on harnessess indoors and adjust them correctly for your dog. 

1) Measuring the skull

  • Make a hoop of your measuring tape and string it around head.
  • Measure skull (widest point of skull) Don´t forget the ears!

2) Measuring the neck

  • Measure around the neck from the point where collar fits naturally
  • Make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight but still tight enough. (tip: keep your finger between neck and measuring tape)

3) Measuring the chest

  • The chest measurement is best to take 5cm(2inches) behind the front legs and directly up to the chest on top of back.

4) Measuring the width of the chest

  • Measure from the widest part of chest and bring the measuring tape all the way behind the front legs.

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