RATIA SOFT collection

RATIA Soft collection

RATIA Soft collection

  • RATIA Soft collection
  • Turquoise RATIA soft collar and Marutaro : Marutaro
  • RATIA soft basic leah with padded handle photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • Ramsey wears RATIA soft collar lime photo: Jason Ashley / @bluestaffy
  • Ratia Soft collars - Ramsey have turquoise collar size 4 ja Rebel have red collar size 3 Photo: Jason Ashley
  • RATIA Soft collar pink photo: Elina Darling
  • RATIA collar with red padding photo: @fabiandsopo
  • Mutka wears Ratia soft collar size 3 photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • RATIA collars photo:mofufun710611
  • RATIA Soft Y harness purple photo: @redstaffy JasonAshley
  • RATIA Soft collar with Grafico pattern wears Diva size 1 photo @_divathedog / Tiina Korhonen
  • Ratia collar turquoise photo by Aina Aibi
  • RATIA soft collar lime photo- Riika Ingi
  • RATIA collar lime photo by Aina Aibi
  • RATIA collar purple
  • RATIA Soft collar lime photo:J.Lindfors Photography
  • RATIA soft collar red
  • RATIA soft leash pink
  • RATIA soft basic leah with padded handle photo: @mutkamatkassa / Karoliina Laakkonen
  • Cute Max and RATIA soft leash photo: @maxdogblog / Lisa Meister
  • RATIA leashes
  • RATIA soft collar pink photo: @isla.linda / Linda Rasi
  • Alma wear RATIA soft collar violet photo: Saara Kaario
  • RATIA Soft collar lime
  • RATIA soft collar violet and pink photo: Nelli Rautanen / @kikkuraduo

RISTOMATTI RATIA has designed Grafico Dog International-pattern that is available in colors blue and red. To this pattern, we have combined really soft fleece-padding. We make the softest harnesses in world, collars and leashes. 
There are new products coming to this collection.

RATIA-products have gained a lot of popularity in Finland and in Japan.

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