OCEAN collection

OCEAN SPORT collection

OCEAN SPORT collection

  • OCEAN SPORT collection
  • Diva have OCEAN SPORT collar size 1 photo: Tiina Korhonen/ _divathedog_
  • Bordercollie Raf have OCEAN SPORT collar with turquoise padding size 2 photo: Miikku Pietilä @miikkuvaan
  • Bordercollie Raf have OCEAN SPORT collar with turquoise padding size 2 photo: Miikku Pietilä @miikkuvaan
  • Diva have OCEAN SPORT collar size 1 photo: Tiina Korhonen/ _divathedog_
  • Priima loves orange OCEAN SPORT leash photo: @miikkuvaan
  • Priima have orange OCEAN SPORT collar size 2,5 photo: @miikkuvaan
  • Priima wears OCEAN SPORT harness orange phot: @miikkuvaan
  • OCEAN SPORT orange leash photo: Tiina Korhonen @_divathedog_
  • Amazin autumn colors OCEAN SPORT leash orange photo: Tiina Korhonen @_divathedog_
  • OCEAN SPORT leashes
  • OCEAN SPORT collar pink photo: Sarianna Seppä
  • OCEAN harnesses wearing Baron and Tara photo: Kira Leivo
  • OCEAN SPORT adjustable leash violet
  • OCEAN SPORT adjustable leash turquoise
  • OCEAN SPORT adjustable leash black
  • OCEAN SPORT adjustable leash orange
  • Natural KAMU keeps colors bright and clean  OCEAN SPORT harness
  • OCEAN SPORT Y harness orange 35 cm
  • OCEAN Sport harness turquoise photo: Jenina Liikanoja
  • Ksii wears size 45 cm OCEAN SPORT harness photo: Jukka Parviainen
  • OCEAN Sport collar pink size 5 photo: Sarianna Seppä
  • OCEAN  SPORT Y-harnesses with turquoise and black padding photo: @tohvelielain2504
  • OCEAN SPORT harness black photo: @tohvelielain2504
  • OCEAN SPORT collar pink
  • OCEAN SPORT collar turquoise
  • OCEAN SPORT collar orange
  • OCEAN SPORT collar black
  • OCEAN SPORT harness violet
  • OCEAN SPORT harness turquoise
  • Ocean Sport Y harness orange
  • OCEAN SPORT Y harness black
  • OCEAN bag
  • Finnero Ocean bag
  • FinNero's Ocean fabric
  • OCEAN  designed Tuula Pekkala
  • OCEAN collar with black neoprene padding photo: Miikku
  • Diva wears OCEAN SPORT harness fuchia and size 35 cm photo: Tiina Korhonen/ _divathedog_
  • OCEAN Sport collar with black neoprebe padding photo: Jason Ashley / bluestaffy Ramsey
  • Ramsey have OCEAN sport collar with black padding photo: Jason Ashley / @bluestaffy Ramsey
  • Pepe and OCEAN harness photo: Sanna Perälä / @pepe_the_boston

The Ocean design got its inspiration from the waves, bubbles and whitecaps of the ocean.

From Ocean pattern we produce different collars, harnesses and leashes. 

At first, Ocean-patterns color is simply black and white. 

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