FINNERO SALO Training Harness for dogs - Violet

FINNERO SALO Training Harness for dogs - Violet

FINNERO SALO Training Harness for dogs - Violet

  • FINNERO SALO Training Harness for dogs - Violet
  • Salon-harness violet photo: inkajavanilla/AmiraIbrahim
  • Salon harness violet photo: Suvi Salo / Mehtosalon kennel
  • Vanilla wears Salon-harness violet size M photo: inkajavanilla/AmiraIbrahim
  • Inka wears violet Salon harness size M photo: @harmaanvalkea / Senja Pikkusilta
  • Violet SALON harness size M photo: Senja Pikkusilta / harmaanvalkea
  • Luna and Salon harness violet photo: Tiina Korhonen
  • Salon harness violet photo: Tiina Korhonen
  • Salon harness violet photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • You can use OCEAN double adjustable leash with Salon harness photo: Tiina Korhonen / @Tassuteluayhdessa
  • Measuring Y harness
  • FINNERO SALO Training Harness for dogs - Violet

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Varies by model

Popular FinNero NON-PULL Salo training harness!

  • Are you looking for a non-pull harness that can be easily adjusted to your growing pup?
  • Or do you need to adjust the fit of the harness because of a knit sweater or the length of the fur coat varies between trimmings?
  • Or are you flying like Mary Poppins on your walk, because of your dog pulling so hard.

The solution to your problem is the Salo training harness
The Salo harness is a strain relief harness with a strain relief ring on the harness at the top of the chest pad. In the event of a problem by attaching the leash to this and the ring on the back, you will strengthen the grip on the side of the leash where the lock is attached to the traction control ring. This allows you to guide the dog out of the pull with a small jerk. The harness can be used in the traditional way after the training period. For a dog walker, it is convenient, even in the middle of a run, to switch to using the strain relief feature.

The harness has two rings - one on the back and one on the side, either two separate leashes can be attached for traction control, a double-locked multifunctional leash, or for ex. OCEAN double leash. We do not recommend using a reel leash when teaching a dog to walk on a leash.
Salon harness acts as a regular outdoor harness when your dog is trained to walk on a leash, since you can attach the leash to the ring on the back of the harness in the traditional way.

Salo- training harness

  • ergonomic Y-model harness
  • light and easily manageable
  • equipped with visible reflectors
  • the lock follows the curve of the back
  • suitable for everyday use
  • plenty of room for adjusting 
  • perfect for a growing pup, adjustable
  • traction ring on the front of the harness in the chest pad
  • suitable for training to use a leash
  • padding in the chest

Colors: black, green apple and violet
Sizes: XS - L

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When choosing the right size:

  • please measure the circumference of the dog's head (from the widest part of the head) Please take into account the ears as well! 
  • the neck opening of the harness can be adjusted to size
  • the harness is too big if it drops down too much from the shoulders 
  • the strap around the waist can be adjusted to fit

    There is a lot of room for adjustment in the Salon harness! 
    Ex. size XS can be adjusted around the neck size of 27 - 43 cm. Because of this the leash is super suitable for a growing pup who is being trained to use a leash. The properly adjusted harness is snug to fit for the dog so that your fingers fit between the harness and the dog.

    From the measurement table below you can see the sizes and referential breed recommendations.

    Size2. Neck circumference3. Chest circumferenceSuggested breed (referential)
    27-43 cm
    10.6 - 16.9 in
    37-60 cm
    14.6 -23.6. in

    Chihuahua, bichon frisé

    33-62 cm
    12.9 - 24.4. in
    47-86 cm
    18.5 - 33.8 in
    Beagle, miniature schnauzer
    44-78 cm
    17.3 - 30.7 in
    56 - 98 cm
    22.5 - 38.6 in
    Collie, saluki, golden retriever
    52 - 98 cm
    20.5 - 38.6 in
    71-129 cm
    27.9 - 50.8 in
    Rottweiler, Bernese mountain dog

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