SNOW collection

SNOW collection

SNOW collection

  • SNOW collection
  • Diva wears SPORT softshell jacket grey size 40 cm and SNOW T shape harness size 1,5 photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • SNOW collar turquoise size 4 Ramsey photo: Jasen Ashley
  • Alise wear SNOW SPORT collar rasberry size 2,5 photo: Jessica Juutinen / @alisecinde
  • Diva have grey HALLA winter booties and size  are  S photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • Yellow Snow Sport collar size 3 photo: Julia Hannula / @roughcollielumi
  • SNOW SPORT collar  2,5 turquoise photo: Melike Kinali @falconthecockerpoo
  • SNOW SPORT collar orange
  • SNOW SPORT collar yellow photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • Snow Sport collar orange photo:Tintin Lemmikki
  • SNOW SPORT orange leash and collar photo: @_divathedog_
  • SNOW SPORT collar rasberry
  • SNOW SPORT collar turquoise
  • SNOW SPORT collar yellow
  • SNOW SPORT collar orange
  • SNOW SPORT adjustable leash yellow
  • SNOW collection
  • SNOW SPORT adjustable leash rasberry
  • SNOW SPORT leashes
  • Snow Sport Collar Rasberry
  • Snow Sport Collar Turquoise
  • Snow Sport Collar Orange
  • Snow Sport Collar Yellow
  • SNOW SPORT T harness eith orange neoprene padding
  • SNOW SPORT leash turquoise
  • SNOW SPORT leash orange
  • SNOW SPORT leash yellow
  • SNOW Sport T Harness turquoise
  • Snow Sport T harness yellow
  • Snow Sport T harness orange
  • Snow Sport T harness rasberry
  • SNOW SPORT collars - all colors
  • Yellow SNOW Sport collar and adjustable leash photo: Tiina Korhonen
  • Diva wears yellow SNOW T- harness size 1,5 photo: @tassutteluayhdessa / Tiina Korhonen
  • Inka have yellow SNOW harness size 3 photo: @inkajavanilla / Amira Ibrahim
  • Inka have yellow SNOW harness size 3 photo: @inkajavanilla / Amira Ibrahim
  • Inka have yellow SNOW harness size 3 and Vanilla have rasberry size 4 photo: @inkajavanilla / Amira Ibrahim
  • Vanilla have rasberry SNOW harness size 4 photo: @inkajavanilla / Amira Ibrahim
  • SNOW leash with rasberry padded handle photo: sheltie_alma/Jenni Juhajoki
  • RATIA soft collar violet and SNOW sport collar yellow photo: Nelli Rautanen / @kikkuraduo

The Nordic winter creates incredible artistic snowflakes and frost figures. These frost flowers are our inspiration behind the SNOW product line. SNOW-fabrics first primer is harmonic grey. 

In SPORT-products the padding is made of sporty and voluminous neoprene, that protects the dogs fur and skin from friction. Bright colors used in padding creates balance to grey SNOW-pattern. 

The SNOW product line consists of the following products:

  • soft martingale collar
  • T-harness
  • adjustable leash with soft handgrip
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