BALLERINA Heat Pants for dogs Black

Black BALLERINA heat pants photo: Sarianna Seppä

Black BALLERINA heat pants photo: Sarianna Seppä

  • Black BALLERINA heat pants photo: Sarianna Seppä
  • Black BALLERINA heat pant
  • Black BALLERINA heat pants
  • Mila wears black BALLERINA heat pants size L photo: Sarianna Seppä
  • Mila and hers black BALLERINA heat pants photo: Sarianna Seppä
  • Martta and hers black Ballerina heat pants size M photo: Tiina Korhonen
  • Alma wears black Ballerina heat pants photo: @sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki
  • Alma wears black Ballerina heat pants photo: @sheltie_alma / Jenni Juhajoki
  • Ninni wears Ballerina size XS photo: @harmaanvalkea
  • Ballerina black
  • Black Ballerina heat pants for dog photo: Tuula Pekkala
  • BALLERINA heat pants for dog
  • BALLERINA heat pants for dog - size chart
  • BALLERINA heat pants for dog - size chart
  • Mitta juoksuaikasuojia varten

Cute BALLERINA Heat Pants are made for female dogs in heat. Not only they help protecting furniture, textiles and rugs from heat stains but also from a marking dog or from dog with urinary leakage problems. 

Girly Ballerina pants have wide waistband and velcro fastening. The pants open up from both sides which makes them easy to put on. The opening for the tail takes into account both long and longhaired tails.

We recommend to use a disposable sanitary towel or just a paper towel in the fishnet pocket inside the pants. Please remember to replace the sanitary towel often!

Wash: in 30 degrees. The softsell material dries very quickly.

Using heat pants
- Familiarize your dog to wear pants before her first heat
- Open the velcro tape on both sides 
- Place the dog's tail through the gap first 
- Attach the velcro tape fastening to suitable tightness on the waist
- Use disposable sanitary towel or paper towel in the inside pocket
- Remember to replace the sanitary towel often to make the heat time as comfortable as possible!

Make the heat time more fun with cute BALLERINA heat pants!

What does the heat mean?
The heat of the female dog can also be referred as rutting time. When the dog becomes sexually mature and fertile around the age of 6-8 months, the rutting time begins. First signs of the heat time are an increasing need to urinary marking and an increased interest to other dog’s imprints. A female dog's urine has a scent that signals the breeding possibility to other dogs.

The heat time lasts around 3-4 weeks and comes back again after 6-8 months depending on the dog. The heat time continues until old age, but normally gets weaker and less often.

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Right size?
Please see the table below for measurements and referential breed recommendations for BALLERINA heat pants. Click here for measuring instructions

SizeWaist min
to max
From belly
to back
Breed recommendation
XXS (1)22 - 32 cm
(8.6-12.5 in)
30 cm
(11.8 in)
Chihuahua, Maltese,
XS (2)30 - 43 cm
(11.8-16.9 in)
35 cm
(13.7 in)
Bison Frisè, 
Poodle (toy) 
S (3)38 - 49 cm
(14.9-19.2 in)
47 cm
(18.5 in)
Corgi, Beagle, 
M (4)46 - 60 cm
(18-23.6 in)
54 cm
(21.2 in)
Dalmatian, Samoyed
Labrador Retrievers
L (5)52 - 67 cm
(20.4-26.3 in)
63 cm
(24.8 in)
German Shepherd,
Labrador Retrievers
XL (6)63 - 97 cm
(24.8-38.1 in)
79 cm
(31 in)
Amstaffy, Rottweiler,
St Bernhard
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