UKKO signal vest red / yellow

UKKO signal vest

UKKO signal vest

  • UKKO signal vest
  • UKKO signal vest photo: Auli Mukari
  • UKKO signal vest photo: Suvi Salo / Mehtosalon kennel
  • UKKO signal vest photo: Suvi Salo / Mehtosalon kennel
  • Diana wears UKKO signal vest photo: Auli Mukari
  • UKKO signal vest photo: Suvi Salo / Mehtosalon kennel
  • Antti Mukari and his dog UKKO
  • UKKO signal vest photo: Suvi Salo/ Mehtosalon kennel
  • UKKO signal vest
  • UKKO huomioliiviin on esillepanoa varten Finnero-henkari
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The UKKO signal vest is a powerful two-color reflector / visibility vest for a hunting dog, which is suitable for both the forest and everyday use.

While hunting, the position of the dog is easier to interpret thanks to the two colors - the color of the vest let’s you know in which direction your dog is barking or standing even in dense terrain. In twilight, the surface of the fabric reflects light. The vest is also resistant to UV radiation, so it retains its bright colors for a long time.

The velcro fastening has a neck opening and the chest circumference is conveniently adjustable. The sticker attachment has been chosen for its adjustability and also if your dog happens to get caught in the vest, for example in a bush, the stickers will open from the vest without hurting the dog.

UKKO signal vest / hunting vest:
- two-tone - bright yellow and red
- designed primarily for hunting dogs
- also suitable for everyday use
- the color detects the position of the dog
- velcro fastening on the neck and chest
- soft and elastic hem at the edges of the vest
- elasticity at the neckline (larger sizes M and L)
- printed 3D reflectors on the side
- reflective blade on the back
- at dusk reflects light
- UV protection
- 4 sizes XS - L

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Finnish Hunting Dog Service-
This vest has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with Antti Mukari

SizeNeckChestBreed Recommendation (indicative)
XS32 - 42 cm40 - 55 cmsmall breeds, dachshund, fox/german hunting terriers
S42 - 58 cm52 - 72 cmsmall and medium-sized dogs, Finnish Spitz, Bretons
M44 - 58 cm60 - 78 cmmedium-sized dogs, German Shepherd, Finnish Hounds
L54 - 66 cm70 - 92 cmJämtland Vertical Ear, Bracco Italiano, large German Shepherd and Finnish Hound males
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