JustinCase male dog Wrap Gentleman Black

JustinCase Gentleman male wrap for dog

JustinCase Gentleman male wrap for dog

  • JustinCase Gentleman male wrap for dog
  • Urosvyö tasku lisätäytteelle
  • How to wear JustinCase male wrap to dog
  • JustinCase male dog wrap Gentleman black
  • JustinCase male dog wrap Gentleman black

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What will help when a dog pees indoors? Does the dog mark your new couch? Do you have to constantly monitor what your dog is doing while visiting?

Sounds pretty stressful! A male belt is needed when a male dog marks furniture, curtains, rugs, etc. This can lead to both financial and unhygienic problems, not to mention the resentment that results. The male belt is a belt-shaped, easy-to-wear male protector. Most dogs stop marking when the male belt is on when they notice that there is no sign.

Male wraps are made of breathable but water-repellent material, with absorbent microfiber on the inside and a hole knit with a pocket for extra padding. The flexible edging adds protection and flows with the dog's movements. The materials are soft and as comfortable as possible on the dog.

What is a male dog wrap used for?
- puppy training
- for males who mark indoors
- when in contact with female dogs while in heat
- when traveling by car, train or boat and when staying at a hotel
- urinary incontinence e.g. with an older dog

- the male belt is attached with a velcro fastening on the back
- fit can be adjusted
- make sure to remove the belt from the dog when you take it outside
- consider to have extra belts for hygienic reasons

Washing instructions:
- water wash in 30 degree water
- the use of fabric softener is not recommended
- bleach is not recommended
- tumble drying is not recommended

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What could cause peeing / marking inside?
- a medical problem such as incontinence
- inadequate training of internal cleanliness
- excessive hormone activity and / or a bitch in season nearby
- separation anxiety, in which the dog does its needs inside only when alone
- a leadership problem where the dog marks his territory
- your dog's meal times may be unsuitable considering your outdoor activities
- not enough outdoor activities especially when training

Note: If you have the slightest suspicion that peeing may be due to health reasons such as bladder inflammation or prostate problems, take your dog to a veterinarian for an examination. Also monitor the amount of water the dog drinks. The dog may also be marking to protest something.

To get the right size:
- measure your dog's waist measurement
- select the appropriate size from the table below
- The male belt has a velcro fastening that can be adjusted to fit
- The male belt must be tight

Measuring and size chart:
- If you need help in measuring your dog see the size chart from here.

SizeLength max
XXXS18-24 cm
(7.1 - 9.4 in)
9 cm
(3.5 in)
24-30 cm
(9.4 - 11.8 in)
10 cm
(3.9 in)
32-38 cm
(12.6 - 14.9 in)
13 cm
(5.1 in)
40-48 cm
(15.7 - 18.9 in)
16 cm
(6.3 in)
50-58 cm
(19.7 - 22.8 in)
19 cm
(7.5 in)
60-68 cm
(23.6 - 26.8 in)
25 cm
(9.8 in)
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