KURA Protective booties for dogs, 2 pcs/pack - gray

FINNERO KURA protective booties for dog, grey

FINNERO KURA protective booties for dog, grey

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Long stem KURA booties are light and easy to put on. The sole material of the booties is developed and made in Finland by Jokasafe (see below for more information). The bootie that opens all the way down makes it much easier to put on, and the two-part, snap-on elastic Velcro fastener helps the booties stay in place. The TopGrip® sole material is strong and protective.

  • flexible, anti-slip sole
  • protects against mud, dirt and snow build-up
  • helps protect against paw problems and prevent the spread of bacteria
  • small loop to make it easier to hang the booties to dry 
  • long stem helps to keep the bootie on firmly
  • easy to put on as opens up all the way down
  • The TopGrip base material is windproof and also resistant to oil and chemicals. The material is also cut-resistant and protects against extreme cold or hot pawements - and is flexible and has excellent wear resistance.
  • 2 pcs protective booties in the package

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SizeA= width of

the bottom
B= lenght of

the bottom
C= paw circuitBreed recommendation

XS4 cm

(1.5 in)
7 cm

(2.7 in)
10 cm

(3.9 in)
Bison Frisé, Miniature Poodle,

Dachshund, Pug
5 cm

(1.9 in)
8 cm

(3.1 in)
13 cm

(5.1 in)
Beagle, Cocker spaniel,

French bulldog
6 cm

(2.3 in)
9,5 cm

(3.7 in)
16 cm

(5.9 in)
Border Collie, Boxer, Corgi,

Dalmatian, Golden Retriever
7 cm

(2.7 in)
11 cm

(4.3 in)
18 cm

(6.6 in)
Bulldog, Doberman,

German Shepherd
10 cm

(3.9 in)
13 cm

(5.1 in)
20 cm

(7.4 in)
Bullmastiff, Rottweiler,

Saint Bernard

What is TopGrip® by Joka ® Safe?

JokaSafe products made of TopGrip® are windproof and resistant to oil, chemicals and abrasion. TopGrip® is a flexible and durable material. All TopGrip® by Joka®Safe products are manufactured in Finland. 

It was designed for demanding professional use. In JokaSafe production they use only high quality European PVC material and 100% cotton. JokaSafe customers value specially that their products combine protection from chemicals, chemical mixtures and mechanical abrasion, as well as protect from extreme conditions.

JokaSafe has worked hard for the last few years on improving and developing their production and management procedures. One such proof of this ongoing process of development, is ISO certificate received in year 2013 from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. 

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