GPS hunting vest orange/yellow

GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow

GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow

  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • For attention vests
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow
  • GPS Hunting Vest orange/yellow

A GPS hunting vest is an effective safety vest for hunting dogs

The GPS-pocket is opened and closed with robust Velcro at the back of the pocket. The pocket has one opening for an antenna. Different brands of GPS-device fit well in the GPS-pocket. There is a D-ring for leads on the back of the neck of the vest, in front of the pocket.

The GPS safety vest has two colours (orange/yellow), and the two colours clearly indicate which direction your dog is barking or pointing in thick undergrowth. The fastening around the neck is easily adjusted. There is a adjustable velcro belt around belly.

GPS hunting vest:

  • GPS-pocket, with one opening for an antenna
  • different brands of devices fit well in the pocket
  • two coloured – fluorescent yellow and red
  • primarily designed for hunting dogs
  • two colours allow you to see the dog’s position
  • adjustable fastenings under the neck 
  • adjustable velcro belt around belly
  • durable edging on the vest
  • reinforced edging in size 
  • reflectors on the sides
  • 4 sizes XS - L

Washing and maintenance: The vest can be washed in 30 degrees water with the Velcro closed and preferably in a mesh wash bag. Straighten the vest to dry. Check and when required clean dog hairs from the rougher hook side of the Velcro, so that the Velcro fastens better.

Finnish Hunting Dog
This vest has been designed and made in co-operation with Antti Mukari.

Where can you buy this dog's hunting vest? Find our distributors here.

SizeNeckChestBreed (indicative)
XS32 - 42 cm40 - 55 cmsmall breeds, Dachshund, Fox Terrier/German hunting terriers, Jagdterrier
S42 - 58 cm52 - 72 cmsmall and medium-sized dogs, Finnish Spitz, Brittany
M44 - 58 cm60 - 78 cmmedium-sized dogs, shorthaired/wirehaired German Pointer bitches and small males, Finnish Hounds
L54 - 66 cm70 - 92 cmSwedish Elk Hound, Bracco Italiano, large German Pointers and male Finnish Hounds, Weimaranger
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