HALLA LUX booties gray 2 pcs/package

HALLA LUX booties gray

HALLA LUX booties gray

  • HALLA LUX booties gray
  • Measuring paws
  • HALLA LUX booties gray


HALLA LUX dog winter booties

We have developed the HALLA LUX dog bootie version of the super popular HALLA bootie, with the Finnish TopGrip® material as the sole material. The durable gritty and flexible base material protects the dog's paws not only from frost, but also from sharp stones and road salt. HALLA LUX booties are also suitable for areas with little snow. The slit in the front of the slippers makes it easier to put them on and the upper part of the slippers has a familiar gripping strap fastening. There are two slippers in the package.

booties have been designed to protect your dog’s paws from cold temperatures and snow. The booties should be worn in snow and on soft surfaces. Ensure that the booties are securely fastened and use only when your pet is supervised. Prolonged use could interfere with your dog’s natural cooling system. 


  • soft and flexible warm and protect against frostbite and cold (-50 degrees)
  • protect from snow and prevent snow from clumping in fur and hair between the pads
  • Grit sole made of TopGrip® material, which reduces slipping and is cut-resistant
  • the slit in the front of the bootie makes it easier to put it on
  • is great for protecting a sore / injured paw
  • the snappy two-part strap fastening helps the bootie stay on the foot
  • hanging loop, where you can easily put the slipper to dry/tie the slippers together
  • 2 slippers in the package

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TopGrip®-material is windproof and resistant to oil, chemicals and abrasion. TopGrip® has been tested according to EN ISO 4675:2017 for –50°C. TopGrip® by JokaSafe® surface material is made in Finland and all raw-materials used are made in Europe. 


  • prevents snow from accumulating in fur and hair between the pads
  • prevents the wear and possible tearing of the paw by the icy slush
  • protects the paws from frost cracks, road salt, sharp stones and the cold
  • warm paws in freezing weather
  • protects the paw from hot asphalt
  • indoors to prevent slipping


• When you put slippers on your dog for the first time, he may raise his feet strangely and jump. Don't laugh at your dog! A treat and a praise will help, and the slippers are gladly worn for the next run.

• To prevent the gripping straps of HALLA LUX booties from sticking to each other, fold the spiky part of the gripping strap over to the soft strap part. This makes it easy to use the booties next time. In the same way, this helps keeping the booties in the box and prevents the straps from sticking to each other and on other items.


• if the measurements of your dog's paws fall between the measurements of the two bootie sizes, choose a larger size. Front and back paws can be different sizes.

• too sharp and long nails of a dog can break the bootie or cause discomfort when using it.

• The fleece fabric and sole of the bootie wears out when the dog walks on hard and sharp surfaces, e.g., bare sand, paving stones, sanding gravel, asphalt, icy snow, etc.

• This product is not water proof.

    Here you can find our measurement guide!

    Measuring paws

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