Finnabis - Resin Balm for Pets

Finnabis Resin Balm for Pets

Finnabis Resin Balm for Pets

  • Finnabis Resin Balm for Pets
  • Finnabis Resin Balm for Pets
  • FINNABIS rasin balm

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While moving around in the forest with your dogs it is likely they may be bitten by insects or get cuts or abrasions, even wounds. The soles of the paws can become irritated or inflamed as a result of allergies, bites, or abrasions. Finnabis resin balm for pets, a 100% natural product will help soothe your dogs sore paws.

Finnabis resin balm is soft, easily spreadable, and has a pleasant mild forest scent. Dogs do not lick the ointment-treated, resin-flavored area, which speeds up healing. Spruce resin is nature's own antibiotic, which has been used for hundreds of years in Finnish folk healing for the treatment of various wounds, bacterial, fungal, yeast infections, and other skin lesions.

Finnabis resin balm for pets is applied directly to the area of skin to be treated and, if necessary, a protective bandage applied. It can be added one to three times a day as needed. The cream is safe to use and can be applied several times for as long as needed. Usually only a few applications are needed to help the healing. Finnabis resin balm for pets spreads easily to even thicker furry friends, is well absorbed and is a gentle healing cream.

What Finnabis Resin Balm for pets can be used for:
- for the treatment and prevention of cracked paws
- to calm and soothe irritated skin
- to treat skin lesions, wounds and abrasions
- prevent infection
- treat hot spot
- speed up recovery
- calm and soothe bug bites
- a natural bug repellent
- suitable for all dogs and even humans

Finnabis Resin Balm for pets is:
- fast, efficient and secure
- ample amount of product
- easily applicable
- is well absorbed, neither sticky nor messy
- a mild pleasant forest scent
- convenient, easy-to-carry metal jar
- made of helianthus annuus seed oil, spruce resin and cera flava
- Dog Ointment available in 25 ml case

All Finnabis products have been granted the Finnish Key Flag -sign.

SPRUCE RESIN- Nature’s own medicine

Spruce resin has been used for hundreds of years in Finnish folk medicine. Resin is suitable for many types of ailments for a wide variety of ailments. Resin contains antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. Finnabis Spruce Resin balm is made of pure Lapland spruce resin.

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