NordicLights Soft harness pink

Nordic Lights Soft harness pink

Nordic Lights Soft harness pink

  • Nordic Lights Soft harness pink
  • Nordic Lights Soft harness photo: @isla.linda
  • Pink Nordic Lights Soft harness size 25 cm
  • Nordic Lights Soft Y-Harness pink
  • Y-mallisen valjaan mittaaminen
  • FRESH laundry detergent photo: Linda Rasi

Lapland’s Colorful Nordic Lights are the inspiration behind the Nordic Lights product series.

The Nordic Lights Soft series' padding is pleasantly soft, gentle on the fur, prevents thinning it out and doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

The Y-shaped harness is:

  • suitable for dogs of all different sizes and shapes
  • spreading the weight to a wide area around the dog's shoulders if it's pulled
  • easy to put on and take off
  • light and sits comfortably on the dog

How to choose the right size?

  • measure the girth of your dog's head at its widest spot (include the ears)
  • measure the girth of your dog's neck and chest
  • if it's unclear how to measure, please take a look at our measurement guide
  • compare your results to the size chart below to pick the matching size

The right fit:

  • the opening for the head should be big enough to easily slip over the dog's head
  • there shouldn't be too much pressure on the shoulders
  • the width of the waist band is adjustable

Wash: 30 degrees

Where can I buy this product?
Check out our reseller list here.

The Nordic Lights product series also offers matching leashes and collars.

Size cm
Size inches
Max waist circumference inchesBreed recommendation
25 cm9.8 in18 inChihuahua, Papillon
30 cm12 in27.5 inToy Poodle, Italian Greyhound
35 cm14 in29.5 inPomerian, Miniature Poodle
40 cm16 in32 inParson Russell Terrier, Bichon Frisé
45 cm18 in33.5 inAustraliankelpie, Whippet
50 cm20 in35 inBorder Collie, Spanish Water Dog
60 cm24 in38.5 inDalmatian, Dobermann
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