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Nordic Lights Soft harness pink
Nordic Lights Soft harness pink
Pink Nordic Lights Soft harness size 25 cm
Pink Nordic Lights Soft harness size 25 cm

Lapland’s Colorful Nordic Lights are the inspiration behind the Nordic Lights product series.

The soft padding is made of soft fleece material.

When choosing the right size of the harness the dog’s head circumference is the most important measurement. Harness is adjustable on the girth for perfect fit.

Nordic Lights product series include Y-harness, martingale collar and matching leash with soft handle.

Wash: hand wash

Size cm
Size inches
Max waist circumference inchesBreed recommendation
25 cm9.8 in18 inChihuahua, Papillon
30 cm12 in27.5 inToy Poodle, Italian Greyhound
35 cm14 in29.5 inPomerian, Miniature Poodle
40 cm16 in32 inParson Russell Terrier, Bichon Frisé
45 cm18 in33.5 inAustraliankelpie, Whippet
50 cm20 in35 inBorder Collie, Spanish Water Dog
60 cm24 in38.5 inDalmatian, Dobermann

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