HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange

HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange

HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange

  • HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange
  • All sizes of HALLA booties
  • All sizes of HALLA booties
  • HALLA booties stay on!
  • HALLA winter booties photo: @agilitykooiker
  • Oiva wears HALLA booties size S photo: Maija Keppo
  • Orange HALLA booties (Photo by Tiina Korhonen)
  • HALLA winter booties size S and orange photo: Tiina Korhonen / _divathedog_
  • If you fold an elastic velcro, it is easier to put your booties on your dog
  • Orange HALLA winter booties size XXS
  • Size XXS HALLA booties
  • Size XXS HALLA booties
  • HALLA winter booties for dog
  • HALLA booties for dogs size chart
  • How to measure paws
  • Measuring paws
  • HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange
  • HALLA booties for dogs, 4 pcs/pack - orange
  • HALLA booties ave been awarded the prestigious Design From Finland mark.

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FINNERON HALLA BOOTIES protect the dog's paws in snow and keeps them warm in frost and cold weather.


  • soft, light and flexible
  • warm and protect against frost and cold
  • prevent snow from accumulating in fur and hair between the sensors
  • indoors use to prevent slipping
  • the long slit in the front of the bootie makes it easier to put the bootie on
  • flexible two-part Velcro follows smoothly the dog's paw and securely fastens the bootie
  • suitable for protecting a sore paw and helps prevent the spread of bacteria
  • hanging loop, where you can easily put the bootie to dry or tie them together
  • there are 4 booties in the package
  • The XXS size is slightly different from other sizes in its fit and shape
  • In the XL size, the sole material rises further on top of the bootie.


  • When you put the booties on your dog for the first time, your dog may raise its feet strangely and jump. After a little learning, walking around wearing booties goes well.
  • The Velcro rubber bands of HALLA booties can get tangled in each other and it slows down putting them on, especially on four feet. By folding the spiky part of the Velcro onto the ribbon, putting it on is much easier. In the same way, keeping the booties in the box prevents the Velcro from sticking to each other on other items.
  • Please be aware that long and sharp nails might rip the seams or break the material.


Please note:

  • if the measurements of your dog's paws fall between the measurements of the two bootie sizes, choose a larger size
  • too sharp or long nails on a dog can break the bootie
  • the fleece fabric and the flexible sole of the bootie wears out and breaks when the dog walks on hard and sharp surfaces, e.g. bare sand, cobblestones, sanding gravel, asphalt, icy snow, etc.
  • the product is not waterproof
  • Ensure that bootie is securely fastened and use only when your pet is supervised.
  • Prolonged use could interfere with your dog’s natural cooling system

However, HALLA booties are, as the name suggests, booties and not shoes.

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Here you can find our measurement guide!

Start measuring from the front paws, as they are usually larger than the back paws. Suitable booties Relaxed paws!

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